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Work Experience

Students aged 14 years and over in Department of Education NSW schools are able to organise work experience that is then approved by the Careers Adviser or nominated work experience coordinator. Details about the Department of Education NSW Workplace Learning Policies can be found via Workplace Learning (

At The Hills Sports High School, students are encouraged to organise work experience around their assessment commitments as to minimise the impact of workplace learning on their studies. Students up to Year 10 may only organise work experience during school term, excluding the first and last week of each term. Check the Assessment Hub to ensure the proposed week of work experience does not conflict with assessment tasks. 

Workplace learning only occurs during school terms unless the principal approves a holiday placement for individual Year 11 or 12 students. However, placements are not allowed in the December–January school holidays. 


Step 1 - Use the checklist to ensure you complete all the necessary steps to plan and prepare for workplace learning!  

Step 2 - Students may wish to use this script to assist them when talking to prospective employers to request work experience.  

Step 3 - Students who want to engage in work experience are required to complete the work experience readiness program and provide their certificate of completion to the Careers Adviser beforehand. Create an account and complete the three modules, then download your certificate.  

Step 4 - The student placement record must be filled out by the student (page 1), the employer (pages 2-3) and the parent/carer (page 4) and return to the careers adviser for approval at least one week before any work experience.  

Step 5 - This booklet contains additional information to support parents/carers of students engaging in workplace learning.  

Step 6 - This booklet contains additional information to support employers when hosting students engaging in workplace learning. 

Step 7 - Students are required to carry their safety and emergency procedure card each day they attend work experience.  

Step 8 - Make sure to thank your host employer for providing an opportunity to engage in workplace learning. This thank-you card is provided to students to show their appreciation to host employers.  

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