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Religion and ethics

NSW schools offer special religious education and special education in ethics. Approved providers deliver these, where available.

At The Hills Sports High School, Special Religious Education (SRE) is delivered for one lesson per week on Fridays on a rotational basis. Year 10 during Term 1, Year 7 during Term 2, Year 8 during Term 3 and Year 9 during Term 4.

On enrolment parent/carer(s) will be given the SRE participation letter to complete and return to The Hills Sports High School Administration Office. After the initial enrolment, notification of changes to a child's enrolment in SRE should be given to the Administration office, in writing.

The following SRE classes are offered at The Hills Sports High School:

Option 1:

Parramatta Catholic Diocese –

Catholic Curriculum Resources –

Catholic Scripture provided by the Catholic Diocese of Parramatta (Approved SRE Provider)

Option 2:

Anglican Diocese of Sydney –

Anglican (Protestant) Curriculum Resources at –

Write to the school if you wish to change the preference for your child for special religious education, sometimes known as scripture.

Click here to download and complete our letter to change your preference  

For more information, visit Religion and ethics and/or please contact the school on 9622 7300 and direct your enquiry to your child's relevant Deputy Principal.