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Industrial Technology Timber

Industrial Technology

The study of Industrial Technology provides students with opportunities to engage in a diverse range of creative and practical experiences using a variety of technologies widely available in industrial and domestic settings.

Students develop knowledge and understanding of materials and processes. Related knowledge and skills are developed through a specialised approach to the tools, materials, equipment and techniques employed in the planning, development, construction and evaluation of quality practical projects and processes. Critical thinking skills are developed through engagement with creative practical problem-solving activities.

At The Hills Sports High School we continue to excel in Industrial Technology, with first class facilities and tools paving the way for student success.

Industrial Technology at The Hills Sports High School has provided students with outstanding results, with many students receiving Band 6 HSC results and most classes achieving well above state average. 

Stage 5

The Timber focus area provides opportunities for students to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to the timber and associated industries. The core module develops knowledge and skills in the use of tools, materials and techniques related to timber which are enhanced and further developed through the study of a specialist module

Timber 1

During Timber 1 Students will make two projects. These projects will introduce the students to a wide range of tools, machines and processes that they have not seen before.

During the course students will study WHS and risk management, forest to furniture and how the raw material is processed and also gain valuable links to industry and career prospects.

Currently Project 1 is a Timber toolbox and Project 2 is a Timber beach chair

Timber 2

In Timber 2 students continue to develop their knowledge and build skills from the previous year on a self-paced project across the course. In this module the students will look at various aspects of manufacturing furniture. They will examine the tools and machines used in its production. The students will also examine a range of finishing techniques.

Students will complete a Cabinet of their own, in this cabinet student have to make a traditional drawer, inlay with the laser cutter hang hinged doors and fit other cabinet hardware.

Stage 6

Industrial Technology Stage 6 has a Preliminary course and an HSC course.
The Preliminary course of 120 indicative hours consists of project work and an industry study that provide a broad range of skills and knowledge related to the focus area chosen and an introduction to processes, skills and practices relevant to the design, management, communication and construction of practical projects.

The current Preliminary project is a skills based Bedside Table

The HSC course of 120 indicative hours consists of the development, management and communication of a major practical project and folio that contribute to the development of knowledge, skills and understanding related to the focus area of study.

Both the Preliminary and HSC courses are organised around four sections:
A. Industry Study
B. Design, Management and Communication
C. Production
D. Industry Related Manufacturing Technology.

Below are past examples of HSC major projects.