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Food Technology

Food Technology

The study of Food Technology provides students with the opportunity to develop practical and theoretical skills surrounding all aspects of food. Students who elect to study Food Technology develop a wide range of skills relating to food that are relevant and transferable to other settings.  Practical experiences will be used to develop knowledge and understanding of the skills in designing, producing and evaluating. Students partake in a range of ‘hands on’ practical experiences requiring them to produce food items for specific purposes.

If you love everything about food - then this is the subject for you!

Stage 5

Students who choose to study Food Technology in Stage 5 will be actively engaged in learning about food in a variety of settings, enabling them to evaluate the relationships between food, technology, nutritional status and the quality of life. Students will develop confidence and proficiency in their practical interactions and decisions regarding food.

100 Hour

During Food 1 students build upon their knowledge and skills developed in the junior years. Students learn and investigate various components of nutrition and consumption including basic nutrients, dietary related diseases and the impact of food on health in our society. Students examine the history of food in Australia, beginning with traditional bush foods prepared by Aborigines and the influence of early European settlers. Hygiene and safe working practices are also developed through participation in practical learning opportunities.

Possible study topics include:

·         Food in Australia

·         Food selection and health

·         Food for specific needs

200 Hour

Food 2 is an interactive and engaging course allowing students to broaden their knowledge and skills in food development and production. Students are given opportunities to develop food products and explore the processes in food product development. Students examine food production and distribution globally and how this is influenced by factors such as transport, infrastructure, political environment and geographic considerations

Students will develop, produce and evaluate a food products throughout this course.

Possible study topics include:

·         Food equity

·          Food product development

·          Food for special occasions

·          Food trends

Any student who loves designing and producing food items will enjoy studying this course. 

Stage 6

Food Technology is a content rich subject that investigates the way food works in our body and our society. Such skills include the ability to research, analyse and communicate. Students also develop the capability and competence to experiment with and prepare food as well as design, implement and evaluate solutions to a range of food situations.

Year 11 Course

The Preliminary course involves the study of:

  • Food nutrients and diets for optimum nutrition
  • The functional properties of food
  • Safe preparation, presentation and storage of food

  • Sensory characteristics of food
  • The influences on food availability
  • Factors affecting food selection

Practical skills in planning, preparing and presenting food are integrated throughout the content areas.

Year 12 Course

The HSC course involves the study of:

  • Australian Food Industry – including the sectors, policies and legislations
  • Production, processing, preserving, packaging, storage and distribution of food
  • Food product development
  • Nutrition and health in Australia and influences on nutritional status.

Practical experiences in developing, preparing, experimenting and presenting food are integrated throughout the course.

Careers that may be available from studying Food Technology include:
Recipe developer and more!