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About our school

Our school

The Hills Sports High School's mission is to provide meaningful educational opportunities by:

  • Promoting excellence in teaching practice
  • Encouraging achievement
  • Maintaining and enhancing a diverse, relevant and challenging curriculum
  • Ensuring a safe, caring and pleasant environment
  • Developing a shared relationship with the family and the community so that students may be more able to meet the challenges of a changing society.

The Hills Sports High School provides both a comprehensive secondary education and a focussed sports development program for students in Western Sydney. Approximately half of the total enrolment of 950 students attend in order to foster their elite sporting talents whilst completing their secondary education in an academic framework. The local students attending also benefit from the extensive selection of subjects taught in a environment encompassing state of the art facilities such as the library, computer rooms, swimming centre, fitness centre, soccer field, cricket nets and rugby field to name a few.

The Talented Sports Program (TSP) is designed to offer elite coaching and a comprehensive secondary curriculum enabling them to reach both their academic and sporting potential in a caring environment. Classes are also formed for students with particular talent in their academic subjects where extension work is covered by highly competent teaching staff. Entrance to these classes in Year 7 is based on reports from primary school whilst in the other years it is based on results achieved at this school or as provided in reports from other high schools. A highly successful support unit forms another part of the school in which a comprehensive education program is provided for students with an intellectual disability.

These students are taught by specialist teachers in a nurturing environment. Placement of students in this unit is via a placement panel conducted by the Department of Education. Parental and community support ensures continued good results for our students in all areas of endeavour. The links to neighbouring primary schools ensure smooth transition for local students into our school. Transition activities for all new students assist them to become a part of our school quickly and with ease. The curriculum structure enables an extensive range of elective courses to be offered in Years 9 & 10 along with a comprehensive pattern of study for our Year 11 & 12 students while Year 7 & 8 follow a fixed curriculum pattern encompassing all areas of the school.

Students are supported by a comprehensive welfare team and also a Learning Support Team enabling us to target resources to those with particular needs. Independent learning is fostered and supported by our learning centre and qualified staff. Each sport is support by a teacher mentor to assist students to maintain workload and to deal with study and sporting commitments.

Education Values

As part of the values in the education process launched by both the Federal and State Governments in 2007, The Hills Sports High School held a Values Forum in conjunction with our annual presentation day. This was held in December 2007. The Student Representative Council considered the values described in the Federal documents and adapted them for school use. The nine federal values were distilled to five value areas for the school. These are: 

  • Integrity/fairness: to be honest with oneself and other people
  • Excellence: to try your best in everything you do
  • Respect/Care: having empathy and care for everyone, including people different from you
  • Cooperation/Participation: being able to work together in a group and make a contribution to achieve a goal
  • Responsibility/Democracy: being accountable for yourself and others within a group and making sure everyone has their say

These values will be further reinforced in school life in the expectation that their implementation will cause The Hills Sports High community to reflect on their beliefs and behaviours.

Strong academic focus

The Hills Sports High is a co-educational High School that values academic excellence and provides a progressive education in a dynamic and caring educational environment. An extremely wide junior and senior curriculum is taught by highly qualified specialist teachers to provide all students with an unrivalled opportunity to achieve their full educational potential.

The School provides challenging extension programs, innovative school-based courses and flexible study pathways for Higher School Certificate Students that enables them to integrate their academic studies with their sporting commitments. The School website allows students to log on and be engaged in learning no matter where they are in the world.

Selective classes are available in Year 7 and 8. All incoming Year 7 students are tested and the results used to allocate students to "top" selective classes. The Mathematics and Science Faculties are currently trialling a single sex class education program.

Proud tradition of excellence

Students from The Hills Sports High regularly perform with distinction in major State, National and International subject competitions in English, Mathematics, Science, Business Studies, Geography and Legal Studies.

Analysis of the 2005 Higher School Certificate results revealed that Hills Sports students had value added to their results across all achievement bands. More than 30% of Year 12 students received first-round offers to the Course and University of their choice.

Two 2005 HSC students added to the School's proud tradition of excellence with Katie Hudson receiving the prestigious Jim Anderson Scholarship ($5,000 for study at the University of Western Sydney) and Lauren Proctor winning the NSW Board Of Studies Alan Broady Memorial Award for the integration of design with materials.

The Hills Sports High also won the Western Sydney Region National Literacy and Numeracy Week Award for 2005. This award is based on the growth and academic advancement demonstrated by students between their SNAP and ELLA Tests in Year 7 and 8.

Innovative educational programs and advanced technology

The Hills Sports High School was selected to pilot the DET's highly acclaimed "Counting On" Numeracy Project while the quality of the School's Australian Business Week Program can be appraised by its receipt of the prestigious Director-General's Award for Excellence. The Hills Sports High's Computer Education Program also received considerable praise following the success of two Year 11 students in winning two highly sought-after Sun Microsystems Java Programming Scholarships valued at $9,000 each.

The Mathematics Faculty conducts tutorial sessions each lunchtime. These are specifically designed to assist student who may be experiencing difficulties or have fallen behind in their work due to absences generated by their sporting commitments.

A homework centre operates after school on a weekly basis to assist students with completion of homework and assignments. Students away for extended periods due to representative sporting commitments can stay up-to-date with their studies by logging on to the School Website no matter where they are in the world.

Learning for success

The Hills Sports High values excellence in all areas of life. Gifted students are encouraged by extension programs in academic, sporting and special interest areas.

The school has produced outstanding individual results in external examinations and in many state, national and international competitions. High levels of achievement have been recorded in displays, exhibitions and performances with many students progressing to state, national and international representation.