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Exploring Early Childhood

Our society acknowledges childhood as a unique and intense period for growth, development and learning. When members of society are provided with knowledge about childhood development they will then be able to support and encourage this development when interacting with children.

The Exploring Early Childhood course aims to achieve this by giving students an overview of development and related issues within an early childhood context. It provides the opportunity to consider a range of issues in relation to the individual student, their family and the community. As well as reflecting on the personal relevance of childhood issues, students are encouraged to consider the implications for future interactions with children, be these as a parent, friend, carer or educator.

Children and childhood are examined from a multidisciplinary perspective and students have opportunities to link theory and practice. The approach taken in this syllabus views childhood learning as experiential, that is, children are active learners and learn and make sense of the world around them through their experiences and through their interactions with others.

Throughout this subject the terms infant, toddler, and preschooler are used to refer to children in the approximate age ranges of birth to twelve months, one to three years, and three to five years respectively. Where children are referred to as being in the early years of school, the years from Kindergarten to Year 2, or ages five to eight, are implied.

There is a high level of practical application in this subject in the form of excursions to hospitals, local childcare centres and other childcare facilities.

Students have the opportunity to participate in hands on activities by preparing foods suitable for children and the creation of toys and books for different age groups.

Students also participate in a practical parenting experience through the use of the computerised infant simulator.